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02 Sep 14 by Dzewski on diet Medifast
01 Sep 14 by Juju33 on diet Medifast
29 Aug 14 by Jlb650 on diet Medifast
25 Aug 14 by raitchison on diet Medifast, losing 11.0 lb a week Down
18 Aug 14 by raitchison on diet Medifast, gaining 4.0 lb a week Up
18 Aug 14 by ReneefromLA on diet Medifast
09 Aug 14 by CharleeSue on diet Medifast
09 Aug 14 by GloriaDe on diet Medifast
14 Jun 14 by blubbergut0620 on diet Medifast
18 Jul 14 by GloriaDe on diet Medifast
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11 minutes ago
Yeah, I normally fix the entire weeks worth of lunches on Monday but I didn't get home until late and again ye ...
16 minutes ago
Wow. if I eat that much I gain. shoot protein shakes make me gain to. and that's if im eating good. I cant ...
17 minutes ago
The race to work always seems to cut into prepping lunches in the morning (today would be that day). My answer ...
19 minutes ago
You coud open up a fitness club where you let the members do that work for you
20 minutes ago
It sure would be nice if the loss continued at the initial rate wouldn't it? Keep up the good work, it's a longer ...
37 minutes ago
Motivation is a day to day thing with me. I just have to tell myself I am worth it, being healthy is worth it. ...
38 minutes ago
Hi Dana, Well I have been on the journey. When I am truly following weight watchers I eat their 2 point treats ...
40 minutes ago
Someone recently told me to "Keep your head up and look to next week and not the last" good luck.