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24 Aug 15 by Dzewski on diet Medifast
21 Aug 15 by Dzewski on diet Medifast, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
17 Aug 15 by Dzewski on diet Medifast
13 Aug 15 by sarahestevens on diet Medifast, losing 9.1 lb a week Down
12 Aug 15 by KatieTSFL on diet Medifast, gaining 0.6 lb a week Up
08 Aug 15 by Shawn007Skinny on diet Medifast
06 Aug 15 by JWad121 on diet Medifast, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
01 Jul 15 by Shawn007Skinny on diet Medifast
25 Jun 15 by Shawn007Skinny on diet Medifast
12 May 15 by 017 on diet Medifast, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Great attitude buddy!
by glen
3 minutes ago
Don't forget to breathe and make time for yourself too (even if you insist on doing work first)-- you're just as ...
5 minutes ago
I HAVE! Bryers carb smart.. and its great,,, but very hard to stop at one serving BUT great for special occasions
16 minutes ago
Poohe, I also watch what others purchase in grocery stores, the amount of junk foods amazes me. HCB, people at ...
19 minutes ago
Lol no, I'm from Eastern Europe originally. And I don't like biscuits instead of bread. They taste too much like ...
33 minutes ago
We have gotten it from Schwans, theirs is pretty good.
about an hour ago
Nice job on the smaller shorts! I think pants, skirts and shorts really tell us that we have list weight! Tops ...
by HCB
an hour ago
Dayberndt, are you from the south? The pan drippings from bacon my dad called Red Eye Gravy and dipped biscutes ...
an hour ago
My cart usually looks pretty similar. I love trader joe's, they also have a low carb bread there I can use when ...
an hour ago
I look at my pie chart of percentages, VERY close to yours and think.. wow people must think im nuts - but it ...