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21 Nov 11 by yunyun001 on diet LA Weight Loss
28 Oct 11 by ItsMeLori on diet LA Weight Loss
25 Oct 11 by tawana on diet LA Weight Loss
17 Oct 11 by Back2sz4 on diet LA Weight Loss, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
13 Oct 11 by Dorkykitty82 on diet LA Weight Loss, steady weight Steady
06 Sep 11 by tawana on diet LA Weight Loss
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8 minutes ago
18 minutes ago
Even though last night wasn't the success in the way you hoped it would be, you did learn. That's a big plus. ...
21 minutes ago
Sometimes food just tastes sooo good that we keep on eating it after we are full. I have been known to do that. ...
36 minutes ago
Congrats on your wedding! And I have said, "Okay. THIS time I'm going to lose the weight." more times than I ...
38 minutes ago
I'm right there with ya on the proteins and fats! But since I'm not that familiar with Atkins I'm just wondering: ...
39 minutes ago
And good luck in your journey.
40 minutes ago
Neil Young!!!!! And oh yes. A pre-loved dog. What could be more fabulous than giving some poor dawgie a great ...
41 minutes ago
great job!
43 minutes ago
The ONLY way you can do this ( and you can ) is move away from the idea of diet and move towards a life style ...
43 minutes ago
you can do it! congrats on the wedding!