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91 to 100 of 100
21 Nov 11 by yunyun001 on diet LA Weight Loss
28 Oct 11 by ItsMeLori on diet LA Weight Loss
25 Oct 11 by tawana on diet LA Weight Loss
17 Oct 11 by Back2sz4 on diet LA Weight Loss, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
13 Oct 11 by Dorkykitty82 on diet LA Weight Loss, steady weight Steady
06 Sep 11 by tawana on diet LA Weight Loss
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a minute ago
Another thing to tell yourself when it comes to emotional eating is that you need all the strength you can muster ...
a minute ago
It sounds to me like you've had a lot going on, both good and bad stressors. That could have something to do with ...
2 minutes ago
I have church bells one direction and trains another but only if the wind is blowing the right way. To me they ...
3 minutes ago
Nice drop and good luck on the job hunt.
3 minutes ago
Do they sell them dried or canned? I really try not to buy groceries at walmart, but I suppose they can't do too ...
11 minutes ago
Mmmmm - enjoy every bite, it's delicious!Plenty of protein!
11 minutes ago
Sending positive thoughts your way!
12 minutes ago
Sounds like fun with the little grands!
21 minutes ago
The reason I like the "Maple Donut" donut shop is that they give you a bakers dozen and if you belong to AAA and ...
25 minutes ago
Yes, great gadget.