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91 to 100 of 100
21 Nov 11 by yunyun001 on diet LA Weight Loss
28 Oct 11 by ItsMeLori on diet LA Weight Loss
25 Oct 11 by tawana on diet LA Weight Loss
17 Oct 11 by Back2sz4 on diet LA Weight Loss, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
13 Oct 11 by Dorkykitty82 on diet LA Weight Loss, steady weight Steady
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4 minutes ago
Still below goal weight! Yay!
36 minutes ago
Thanks, Scout1idf. I took your advice, and it did help some. I managed to tick a few boxes off my list. :)
40 minutes ago
Take a short walk and clear your head. Maybe the fresh air will motivate you.
4 hours ago
Thanks Char. Yeah, I dunno if she heard me or not. I do know that I heard me. I spoke up despite my trepida ...
5 hours ago
How much you should weigh is a very individual thing. If you workout hard and have more muscle, you may weigh more ...
7 hours ago
Thanks! Can't wait to try them