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81 to 90 of 100
06 Feb 12 by rev evans corvette on diet LA Weight Loss, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
29 Jan 12 by MoeLyssa on diet LA Weight Loss
28 Jan 12 by MoeLyssa on diet LA Weight Loss
30 Dec 11 by hannahsmom on diet LA Weight Loss
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a minute ago
@Knuckles... I love your passion. I am equally as passionate about our plan, but I TRY to control it because it ...
5 minutes ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your imparting of knowledge that provides many of us with hope and a smile.
6 minutes ago
You don't need surgery. You need LCHF and Intermittent Fasting. It will Cure your fatty liver AND your diabetes. ...
8 minutes ago
I started my diet a little over a month ago. I am currently counting calories too. I am losing between 2-2 1/2 ...
19 minutes ago
You guys are great, thank you! I was pleasantly surprised this morning with a bit of a drop and the fact that my ...
22 minutes ago
I agree the heavier the metal the more I come to life. LOL
31 minutes ago
Let's go!