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17 Oct 12 by Moaks on diet LA Weight Loss
12 Sep 12 by Debbbie T on diet LA Weight Loss
31 Aug 12 by Mrs Patricia Collier on diet LA Weight Loss, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
27 Aug 12 by tiff073 on diet LA Weight Loss
12 Aug 12 by vwalrus on diet LA Weight Loss
13 Aug 12 by vwalrus on diet LA Weight Loss
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a minute ago
I have been drinking water rather than eating after dinner. It helps keep me from eating, but I sometimes have ...
5 minutes ago
Check out a book on amazon called "Becks Diet Solution". It helps with the psychological aspects of weight loss. ...
6 minutes ago
Great...and for sake of less typing...just call me STT...Take Care!!!
7 minutes ago
I am still in the same situation with my boyfriend of 3 years. For two years he gained so much weight since being ...
10 minutes ago
Rockiesfan, my hubby has been trying to teach him to pitch, and he can do great when he practices, then it comes ...
14 minutes ago
I've got a four-legged running partner as well: a springer spaniel that usually will wake me an hour before my ...
27 minutes ago
32 minutes ago
It's all about control, isn't it? Overriding old (food/sloth) temptations that felt good momentarily for the new ...
42 minutes ago
it's mostly about WHAT you put in your body!!!!! You can eat junk and work out but it's not going to get you a ...
42 minutes ago
Panchomom, having a almost 2 year old and a 4 yr old makes it hard for me to sleep but i do the best I can!! T ...