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71 to 80 of 100
13 Aug 12 by vwalrus on diet LA Weight Loss
12 Jul 12 by loisr2568 on diet LA Weight Loss, losing 0.5 lb a week Down
08 Jun 12 by karik9252 on diet LA Weight Loss
07 Jun 12 by Moaks on diet LA Weight Loss
04 May 12 by OA1 on diet LA Weight Loss
02 Apr 12 by lepetitarran on diet LA Weight Loss, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
11 Mar 12 by Raintree 39 on diet LA Weight Loss
10 Mar 12 by patsy180want150 on diet LA Weight Loss, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Yeah all carbs become sugars but complex carbs convert slowly and don't give you the insulin and blood sugar f ...
11 minutes ago
Thanks Warrenwinter. I was on Nutrisytem for a month and I went up and down with the same 7 pounds so I bailed. ...
24 minutes ago
We can only use the vitamins we synthesize on our own. Oranges and pills cannot provide us these vitamins. Those ...
24 minutes ago
Oh, thanks! Doobrie, I will check that out. You know everything I do on here was taught to me. Suzie has taught ...
34 minutes ago
Thanks, HCB! I better do something.
39 minutes ago
Thank you !
about an hour ago
LOL My feral's are all named too.
about an hour ago
Yes the weather is great this time of year in FLA. Summer time is oppressively hot though. You have to make the ...
an hour ago
Thank you all so very much. It means the world to me
an hour ago
Great improvement! Don't beat yourself up, most of our cholesterol is produced by our bodies and not consumed in ...