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17 Oct 12 by Moaks on diet LA Weight Loss
12 Sep 12 by Debbbie T on diet LA Weight Loss
31 Aug 12 by Mrs Patricia Collier on diet LA Weight Loss, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
27 Aug 12 by tiff073 on diet LA Weight Loss
12 Aug 12 by vwalrus on diet LA Weight Loss
13 Aug 12 by vwalrus on diet LA Weight Loss
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a minute ago
Enjoy your tortilla. You have to live while you lose. Moderation in all things.
4 minutes ago
I've been eating them since I was a child. I've never had a problem because we knew the waters they were harv ...
12 minutes ago
I have to disagree with the raw oyster notion. Some oysters are infected with vibrio vulnificus bacteria, which ...
27 minutes ago
Ditto Red...great idea!
31 minutes ago
That's really rude. At least other people who disagreed with my "cheat day" spoke of it in a constructive way. ...
32 minutes ago
about an hour ago
Crock pot cooking or long and slow in a 225-250 degree oven wrapped in foil makes meat so tender you don't hardly ...
an hour ago
I decided to do it. Its free and the worse it can do is nothing. Maybe it will work. I've never had a personal ...
an hour ago
Do the unsweetened dark chocolate for me. I haven't had some in months. LoL.
an hour ago
i'd never heard of the slow carb diet so did some reading up on it. interesting premise. lots of restrictions, ...