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04 Apr 13 by dangler on diet LA Weight Loss, gaining 0.7 lb a week Up
03 Apr 13 by Janetmarie on diet LA Weight Loss, gaining 0.3 lb a week Up
10 Mar 13 by Sally L on diet LA Weight Loss
10 Mar 13 by Sally L on diet LA Weight Loss
01 Mar 13 by Sally L on diet LA Weight Loss
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a minute ago
i get that, but from what you are saying here, you want to be strong, fit and healthy, none of those things are ...
4 minutes ago
So the house is going thru?! The one by your mom and dads? Excited for you guys! I think you're doing great ...
10 minutes ago
Maybe your body is to acidic. I had a similar problem: I ate healthy and did lots of sports but my weight rose ...
10 minutes ago
I just don't understand my body.....:(
10 minutes ago
You have to give yourself at least 1 day a week (or even just one meal) where you can have the things you like; ...
10 minutes ago
unfortunately i can always think of an excuse. this time i've decided that i need to be less extreme. i always ...
16 minutes ago
Semi funny story. I was so discouraged Monday that I forgot to write down all my numbers. My scale does body fat ...
18 minutes ago
First of all you are going to test out of that class...why...because you rock! Congratulations on the official ...
24 minutes ago
megamonster... it is NOT "men in general", so be careful with your "gerneralization"... I DO ALL those things, ...
29 minutes ago
Congrats on your nursing school acceptance! I don't think it's just your husband - it's MEN in general that slack ...