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12 Nov 13 by Debrah Alexander on diet Blood Type Diet, losing 2.2 lb a week Down
06 Nov 13 by BayAreaMis on diet Blood Type Diet
05 Nov 13 by Debrah Alexander on diet Blood Type Diet, losing 1.8 lb a week Down
16 Oct 13 by bibish on diet Blood Type Diet
15 Oct 13 by DogMom68 on diet Blood Type Diet, gaining 0.3 lb a week Up
11 Oct 13 by mysize10 on diet Blood Type Diet, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Less carbs and less calories will drain your energy level. When I was only having 1200 calories/day i would take ...
a minute ago
Nice drop. Excellent work!
4 minutes ago
About once a week for me. Otherwise it just doesn't seem to change to much. We have an old dial scale and I don't ...
18 minutes ago
Congratulations! I have been on Atkins since May 2014 and feel so much better now. Good luck on your journey ...
22 minutes ago
puff-daddy. so if its a cheat and you don't go over your rdi is it just that you allow junk? my rdi accourding ...
30 minutes ago
Well done! Keep up the good work and good luck to keep the stress in control.
30 minutes ago
Ooh you've got me motivated! Tomorrow I'm going to do a 30 day shred after I've been on the treadmill. Was going ...
32 minutes ago
After all that stress you needed a win and boy did you win big! Great job on your control, your eating, and your ...
34 minutes ago
Nothing wrong with chicken and pork. I love it and salads, I lived on those up till 6 months ago when my daughter ...
39 minutes ago
Awesome job! Hope the stress eases up, and best wishes continuing to balance everything.