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14 Jan 14 by Phatatak on diet Blood Type Diet, losing 18.5 lb a week Down
11 Jan 14 by Phatatak on diet Blood Type Diet, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
10 Jan 14 by don8051 on diet Blood Type Diet, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
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11 minutes ago
Hi Deb :) I do think that moderation is key! I allow myself a treat each day. I also allow myself one blow meal ...
38 minutes ago
You have done so well!!! Soon this phase will end as it always has.
by brla
about an hour ago
Most likely water weight. Great job!
about an hour ago
Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your back is better very soon!
an hour ago
Wonderful reminder, my friend, to eat and live mindfully throughout the holiday! Xoxox
by Ruhu
an hour ago
I am so excited about your new kitchen!!! And the work opportunity sounds great too! Happy Thanksgiving!
an hour ago
#GoHardOrStayFat is my twitter hash tag.
2 hours ago
So sorry you are still having back problems. Yay for turkey! I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner, ...
2 hours ago
I went and looked. Good for you. I just panicked that I had a major typo lol.
2 hours ago
You can do it ... Day by day ... pound by pound!