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02 Jun 14 by Jeff H on diet Blood Type Diet
31 May 14 by kie kie on diet Blood Type Diet, gaining 1.4 lb a week Up
26 May 14 by JCVela on diet Blood Type Diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
25 May 14 by Babysmom on diet Blood Type Diet
23 May 14 by Jeff H on diet Blood Type Diet
21 May 14 by Jeff H on diet Blood Type Diet, losing 7.0 lb a week Down
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2 minutes ago
I am a practicing NeoPagan for 25 years now, Nice to see other people understand the origin and true meaning of ...
an hour ago
Thanks y'all! And Msbuggirl, that is exactly what was happening with me. It became an obsession and that was the ...
an hour ago
Thank you guys, I appreciate your support :-)
an hour ago
on the 9th of january :D
an hour ago
At least with a straight jacket I won't be able to put cookies in my mouth :)
an hour ago
I told my brother, who just started on his healthy lifestyle journey, to listen to his body. It will tell you ...
2 hours ago
If there was one here I would be able to put my hand up too. Have a great weekend
2 hours ago
Ahhh, Clyde, you angel! I hope you have such an amazing year, you deserve it!
2 hours ago
Get yourself some happy lights. They help SAD a lot. Yes, vitamin D is great stuff. I need some more.
2 hours ago
I could barely drag myself a mile a year ago and I finished a half-marathon this fall, so just keep putting one ...