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21 to 30 of 100
26 May 15 by Babysmom on diet Blood Type Diet
23 May 15 by sweetmissy56 on diet Blood Type Diet, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
18 May 15 by kgiulietta on diet Blood Type Diet
13 May 15 by missprissyonly on diet Blood Type Diet, steady weight Steady
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2 minutes ago
Great work. Happy week to u too!
5 minutes ago
So sorry Misty! I had fish that I moved around with me for many years and one year we moved to a city that used ...
7 minutes ago
Thanks, All! Have a great Sunday and week ahead. I know I am... ;)
7 minutes ago
Great job, and you go Body Beast!
15 minutes ago
Excellent discussion, friends. I think you're thoughts are reflecting a lot of peoples thoughts. Even if things ...
16 minutes ago
You know trp many have accused me of straw man arguments - but none of them, no one, has actually disproved any ...
20 minutes ago
Thank you, I try not to get discouraged! Of course I was constant results, but I suppose it's hard lard time.
24 minutes ago
@Engeland.... Thank you! *blush*
30 minutes ago
So sorry to hear that you lost your feline family member. It's hard!
34 minutes ago
Even fresh meat has some vit c, also tomatoes.