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18 May 16 by HARLEYNICE3 on diet My own diet, losing 0.7 lb a week Down
13 May 16 by BeaugezD on diet My own diet
11 May 16 by Portersmimi on diet My own diet
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4 minutes ago
@ trackin64 thank you so much my buddy. Hope you are doing well too. Have a lovely weekend :-)
11 minutes ago
I have the same struggle you do. Hope this week is better for both of us. sounds interesting enough to check ...
12 minutes ago Live stream 2016. You want to scroll down to get the FREE live steam
13 minutes ago
for me sugar is like food use to be..i crave i think i would be ahead just to get off the sugar kick an ...
13 minutes ago
Far better to plan a treat (item, meal, day) than to have an urge overtake you, go "unconscious" and find yourself ...
25 minutes ago
Be strong Wannabhealthier. I know it's hard, I have that same sugar craving, especially for chocolate. But when ...
27 minutes ago
You might consider planning your diet for the next day or even the next few days at a time. This will help prevent ...
36 minutes ago
Thanks, STEVEN. Much appreciated, and have a great weekend!
37 minutes ago
It's hard no doubt. everytime (ok maybe not everytime but i try) I think a bad thing about myself I shake my head ...
42 minutes ago
Yes! I like to see that word as I (a)M Possible. ;)