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10 Jun 13 by LChate on diet Slim Fast
08 Jun 13 by smem on diet Slim Fast, gaining 0.0 lb a week Up
26 May 13 by Kinshasha on diet Slim Fast, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
25 May 13 by i12114 on diet Slim Fast
17 May 13 by Mandoguy on diet Slim Fast
14 May 13 by newjie on diet Slim Fast
08 May 13 by sarbear757 on diet Slim Fast, gaining 1.0 lb a week Up
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Recent Comments

33 minutes ago
Thanks lovely friends for the support. It’s greatly appreciated. ♥
36 minutes ago
Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing the experiment.
38 minutes ago
thanks deb! i keep looking at my chart and telling myself that; but I am at a plateau . . . . I gained a couple ...
about an hour ago
Right here with you, Chica! Stand strong.
by LuC2
an hour ago
You are so incredibly creative! Love it :)
an hour ago
Thank you Shan22
an hour ago
Thanks, Sherrie and Euheide :) Euheide, you are right about FatSecret's computation of burned calories being i ...
an hour ago
Thanks Vickie 5966, appreciate your comment. I sometimes become newsy in my journal but that way I can list my ...
2 hours ago
good job I bet your clothes are falling off by now.
2 hours ago
Thanks Darlene, and Christy