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26 May 13 by Kinshasha on diet Slim Fast, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
17 May 13 by Mandoguy on diet Slim Fast
14 May 13 by newjie on diet Slim Fast
08 May 13 by sarbear757 on diet Slim Fast, gaining 1.0 lb a week Up
06 May 13 by sarahe0616 on diet Slim Fast
05 May 13 by on diet Slim Fast, gaining 0.0 lb a week Up
26 Apr 13 by Magick Mitch on diet Slim Fast
26 Apr 13 by Magick Mitch on diet Slim Fast, losing 6.2 lb a week Down
10 Apr 13 by elizabethboucher on diet Slim Fast, gaining 7.0 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Great job!
2 minutes ago
Bells: yes, all carbs are not created equal! It's just ridiculous that the diet industry has made us "afraid" ...
4 minutes ago
Sounds like my story-the gaining weight part. There is a block I have about taking care of me-haven't got through ...
7 minutes ago
Congrats on the weight loss :-)
7 minutes ago
Goodto know and great reasons for you both. Eddie I agree to lose BF it is a combination of both, and I just ...
7 minutes ago
Thanks Deb and wholefoodnut. I'm feeling better today.
16 minutes ago
Thank you all for your kind support...we may not meet in person but its always encouraging to receive support ...
17 minutes ago
Wow, I would have trouble getting through the work day. I worked in a clinic and we were one big family. I get ...
25 minutes ago
is the 1800 calories/day for weight loss or weight maintenance? I would be thrilled if I could lose weight on 1800 ...
26 minutes ago
LOL. I have weird dreams too! I have a vague idea of last night's dream...not enough to write about it though! ...