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71 to 80 of 100
05 Oct 13 by Kinshasha on diet Slim Fast
02 Oct 13 by lachacz on diet Slim Fast
24 Sep 13 by lachacz on diet Slim Fast
17 Sep 13 by JackieDawn on diet Slim Fast, losing 0.0 lb a week Down
11 Sep 13 by gdeangelis on diet Slim Fast
28 Aug 13 by jellerholz on diet Slim Fast, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
14 Aug 13 by gdeangelis on diet Slim Fast
11 Aug 13 by veronica canadas on diet Slim Fast
10 Aug 13 by Amandajo86 on diet Slim Fast
03 Aug 13 by lachacz on diet Slim Fast
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25 minutes ago
Typical of me! Didn't really answer your question!! With so many fires, each having their own wind current, and ...
an hour ago
Marissa, I use the frozen Pictosweet Okra since I don't grow my own here in Los Angeles. I just throw it one ...
an hour ago
Bought a bottle of red wine instead, a couple beers at my daughter's, but didn't buy any. Means none to drink @ ...
an hour ago
A wise person once told me worrying does not accomplish anything - easier said then done- take one problem at a ...
an hour ago
Happy Happy Very Special Birthday!!!
2 hours ago
Thanks Deb.
2 hours ago
Gnewfry -- I couldn't live without Whole Foods. I know everyone complains about "whole paycheck' -- but the fact ...
3 hours ago
yes Deb_N! I've started by the weight of 96.6 and lost 7 kg of about 1 and half month of atkins. I workout the ...
4 hours ago
Best advice ever, Christy. HEALTH! There is more to health than the amount you weight at that moment in time you ...
4 hours ago
Thanks, Kattay and Tulip! I just reread my post and realize it sounds kind of negative. I didn't mean to come off ...