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26 Nov 13 by lachacz on diet Slim Fast
18 Nov 13 by alanpfd on diet Slim Fast, losing 3.9 lb a week Down
18 Nov 13 by alanpfd on diet Slim Fast
17 Nov 13 by alanpfd on diet Slim Fast
16 Nov 13 by alanpfd on diet Slim Fast
15 Nov 13 by judy gwinn on diet Slim Fast, losing 4.0 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Wow! You are almost at your goal. You are definitely winning!
3 minutes ago
Kathy where are you with these fires? WOW!! That's a lot of sewing!!! Some of the ankle swelling may be from your ...
3 minutes ago
Classic - Can't be too hard on ourselves but can't be too lenient either. Where is that balance? Maybe some day ...
14 minutes ago
it so true that logging your food is an eye opener.
16 minutes ago
Be careful and do not hurt yourself!!!! I KNOW the hard work of moving! !
21 minutes ago
I feel it this morning! 45 steps carrying lots of heavy stuff mostly by myself! Made at least 10 trips up and ...
22 minutes ago
There's a book that talks about this fat cell idea - that if we get rid of the fat cells altogether, then we can ...
about an hour ago
I know it's not easy. I was already getting up 1 hour earlier than usual due to my daughter starting school again, ...
about an hour ago
You go gurl!!!
about an hour ago
Pixipi, once you are actually looking at the food item itself, as in you've clicked on it, you look in the lower ...