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10 Dec 13 by lachacz on diet Slim Fast
10 Dec 13 by alanpfd on diet Slim Fast, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
06 Dec 13 by alanpfd on diet Slim Fast
02 Dec 13 by alanpfd on diet Slim Fast, losing 2.2 lb a week Down
28 Nov 13 by lachacz on diet Slim Fast
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a minute ago
Good for you on your weight loss! Thank you so much for the tip about pdf on plant-based ...
a minute ago
hey, what do you marinate your beets with? can you put up your dressing recipe? i keep trying to make dressings ...
2 minutes ago
daaaang! Get it!
12 minutes ago
Oh I found salad in a jar this week,what a great concept! No one was selling greens at the market so I have to ...
13 minutes ago
Well done on the half a pound :) It all adds up. I think we are sometimes too hard on ourselves, if we over in ...
15 minutes ago
Oh, no, diehard. I am in control of my meals and it's actually quite rare that I find myself in this circumstance. ...
19 minutes ago
Thanks, Chris, Christy & Tulip
20 minutes ago
Awesome job! Your plan is a great one to go the distance. That's how I did it. Just went a little farther each ...
26 minutes ago
Yup... Wouldn't made much difference if I ate it next to hubby tho... Do you think that would??
30 minutes ago
i never get emails. i just check on the website.