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02 Nov 11 by kelliraenme on diet Curves Diet
07 Sep 11 by mothernature8 on diet Curves Diet, losing 1.8 lb a week Down
30 Aug 11 by mothernature8 on diet Curves Diet
11 Jul 11 by niclyn on diet Curves Diet
05 Jul 11 by happyfitmomma92 on diet Curves Diet, gaining 3.5 lb a week Up
19 May 11 by DIVINEANGEL on diet Curves Diet, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
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9 minutes ago
Consistent buddy ....
by glen
10 minutes ago
Err @Kp
14 minutes ago
Thanks everyone!
18 minutes ago
@HCB I thought of you today when I saw a set of 35 lb. dumbbells someone had left on a bench. I thought I re ...
27 minutes ago
We all have different approaches to cravings - some give in to them with cheat days, others (like me) ban them ...
31 minutes ago
Ok now I need a donut, though probably not iced and decorated. My favorite is the glazed at Dunkin along with a ...
44 minutes ago
The company was good. 2 nieces, their dad, John's sis and me. that part was fun.
an hour ago
Sounds yummy! I've seen similar recipes such as this one AuthorityNutrition dot com, most of them are very yu ...
an hour ago
@Meli.... Are you a runner?