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07 Sep 11 by mothernature8 on diet Curves Diet, losing 1.8 lb a week Down
30 Aug 11 by mothernature8 on diet Curves Diet
11 Jul 11 by niclyn on diet Curves Diet
05 Jul 11 by happyfitmomma92 on diet Curves Diet, gaining 3.5 lb a week Up
19 May 11 by DIVINEANGEL on diet Curves Diet, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
18 May 11 by DottiBR1 on diet Curves Diet
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Recent Comments

a minute ago
Good job there!
a minute ago
Way to go. I know that had to be hard but you did great to go on that walk! Bravo!!!
4 minutes ago
You need a treat once in a while. You have one life. You can't restrict yourself completely. Just enjoy the cookie ...
6 minutes ago
Cackle! Okay, could you please come do Edmonton, Alberta, Canada now? ;-) Seriously, though, you'll be okay - ...
7 minutes ago
I'm happy for you. Until your posts, I didn't know it was all about magic dirt. I won't buy anything but sweet ...
7 minutes ago
Happy Birthday to your granddaughter :)
9 minutes ago
Girl power. I haven't found anything that quite compares.
11 minutes ago
You look really happy and seem to be feeling better too...awesome!
19 minutes ago
yup! doing good!!
20 minutes ago
I just went on a girls weekend recently too, and I loved it! Now I just want to go on another one! Hahahaha! ...