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29 Jan 11 by Gemini658 on diet Sugar Busters
23 Jan 11 by gdsbt on diet Sugar Busters
11 Jan 11 by crybarb on diet Sugar Busters
23 Nov 10 by Airportchick on diet Sugar Busters
23 Oct 10 by Pope Joan on diet Sugar Busters
15 Sep 10 by singnteach on diet Sugar Busters
13 Sep 10 by singnteach on diet Sugar Busters
13 Sep 10 by Krazy Kim on diet Sugar Busters
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a minute ago
Eat protein. It costs more than carbs, you'll use up your 200 faster. Stay focused.
3 minutes ago
Atkins says any kind of stimulate. which caffeine is a stimulate, will cause water retaining.
6 minutes ago
Such an exciting day...congrats to you!!!!!!
16 minutes ago
I am so happy for you, Scalewatcher! Your achievement gives me encouragement to keep going.
17 minutes ago
I think I am doing that part right, when I get on the progress page it says sherpau Week 7: no result. T ...
21 minutes ago
omg, i can't remember the lasst time i laughed out loud at work! just the picture in my head of you prancersizing ...
21 minutes ago
Thank you for this post. I've been sad the last few days. Seeing what some people think of overweight people, the ...
by Rckc
22 minutes ago
i Feel Like i missed something!!!!
32 minutes ago
You could try a Paleo version of Atkins, if you want something really clean! =) Kidding.(It can be done...just ...
about an hour ago
Hi, congratulations! At your fat secret page you see on the right under the theme . ...