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30 Jan 11 by CherBear52 on diet Sugar Busters
29 Jan 11 by Gemini658 on diet Sugar Busters
23 Jan 11 by gdsbt on diet Sugar Busters
11 Jan 11 by crybarb on diet Sugar Busters
23 Nov 10 by Airportchick on diet Sugar Busters
23 Oct 10 by Pope Joan on diet Sugar Busters
15 Sep 10 by singnteach on diet Sugar Busters
13 Sep 10 by singnteach on diet Sugar Busters
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11 minutes ago
erikahollister, that is an awesome list. It's 6:45pm but I'm going to start prepping for better sleep now. Thanks ...
13 minutes ago
So much fun. New friends are so exciting, exploring...very happy for you. 💖
21 minutes ago
I'm also frustrated. Debauchery is my middle name, so I'm pretty sure that we're secret sisters in a past life ...
26 minutes ago
Haha Kathytnt... Even after wild and crazy nights, weight didn't go up as bad! Thanks!
27 minutes ago
I mix 1 quart egg whites with one dozen eggs. One yolk per omelet apx.
40 minutes ago
My diet says don't separate egg parts. In fact the whole egg is one of my diet's favorite food. They believe the ...
43 minutes ago
i am working on it between working on losing the weight, i will be starting back to college to get a bachelors ...
about an hour ago
NavymomT my heart goes out to you. I'm an emotional eater and relationships can definitely affect that. If it's ...
about an hour ago
Well clearly you need to work on your debauchery skills! Just kidding! You go girl!
about an hour ago
@ kpwcalories I googled his name, sorry I dont know him, but I have seen him in "Licence to kill". I read all the ...