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81 to 90 of 100
10 Apr 11 by Indypacer on diet Sugar Busters
02 Apr 11 by 88mikewife on diet Sugar Busters
30 Mar 11 by MikiLew on diet Sugar Busters
11 Mar 11 by Mrsktennant on diet Sugar Busters, losing 2.8 lb a week Down
06 Mar 11 by Mrsktennant on diet Sugar Busters
17 Feb 11 by Mariedab on diet Sugar Busters
30 Jan 11 by CherBear52 on diet Sugar Busters
29 Jan 11 by Gemini658 on diet Sugar Busters
23 Jan 11 by gdsbt on diet Sugar Busters
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12 minutes ago
I agree with you, sometimes I wonder if the nutritional information has been fudged. Especially if I can't get ...
26 minutes ago
Awesome feeling!!
34 minutes ago
35 minutes ago
Oh so do I lol and thanks HCB
36 minutes ago
I'm a baby EVERY time. Tests are scary because we're always worrying what they may find. And, yes, it takes a ...
40 minutes ago
Glad your results were positive. But boy oh boy! That prep is killer. Glad it's behind you.
about an hour ago
Nice loss! Enjoy the time with the family...hope I can find someone who thinks like you do! Thanks for being such ...
an hour ago
Nice work!
an hour ago
I did fine, and I AM fine as it turns out, although it's clear today that the prep process will take me a while ...
an hour ago
You're the bomb too!!!