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81 to 90 of 100
12 Jul 10 by RJDN on diet Sugar Busters
12 Jul 10 by RJDN on diet Sugar Busters
02 Jul 10 by singnteach on diet Sugar Busters
26 Jun 10 by TeslaCoil on diet Sugar Busters, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
24 Jun 10 by TeslaCoil on diet Sugar Busters
12 May 10 by Better Life on diet Sugar Busters
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2 minutes ago
Meremark: I came up with 640 cal deficit as follows. Go to, and select "fitness tools" from ...
4 minutes ago
our Motivator :-)
5 minutes ago
Excellent points - I think I used the website about six months before I started exercising, and even then I st ...
14 minutes ago
We're all in this together. Now get climbing! :)
20 minutes ago
The truth is what you see in the mirror!
39 minutes ago
CK - thanks for the extended post - I understand the concept of what you wrote. I went back an re-read your post ...
44 minutes ago
Thanks so much :)
about an hour ago
I find if I look at my new way of eating as a life change and not a "DIET" I am not so hard on myself when I as ...
about an hour ago
PS - Just how did the chips and cookies get into your car anyway?
an hour ago
It definitely is hard. It's Friday morning in reality, but it's technically the ending of my Thursday!