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06 Mar 11 by Mrsktennant on diet Sugar Busters
17 Feb 11 by Mariedab on diet Sugar Busters
30 Jan 11 by CherBear52 on diet Sugar Busters
29 Jan 11 by Gemini658 on diet Sugar Busters
23 Jan 11 by gdsbt on diet Sugar Busters
11 Jan 11 by crybarb on diet Sugar Busters
23 Nov 10 by Airportchick on diet Sugar Busters
23 Oct 10 by Pope Joan on diet Sugar Busters
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2 minutes ago
You're a good daddy! I know the youngest son snatched a few of my sliced cucumbers and I was tempted ...
by LuC2
3 minutes ago
Welcome back, Maud! Love you!
21 minutes ago
Like Deb said there is always tomorrow. I never let it bother me if I eat or drink something I shouldn't.
23 minutes ago
Thanks dreamcatcher10! I get to have the boys tomorrow! The schools are closed. Looks like apprx 4 inches of ...
28 minutes ago
about an hour ago
Well I am honestly going to start tomorrow but not officially tracking until Sunday. I have a lot of OCDs that ...
about an hour ago
LOL - my muscles are very accustomed to hard work!
by HCB
about an hour ago
HCB-- known fact that when you are using any of your muscles in a manor they are unaccustomed to they will engorge ...
an hour ago
Looks pretty good :)
an hour ago
That is a Great loss and thanks for being my Buddy in this Journey we are all Be healthy.