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06 Mar 11 by Mrsktennant on diet Sugar Busters
17 Feb 11 by Mariedab on diet Sugar Busters
30 Jan 11 by CherBear52 on diet Sugar Busters
29 Jan 11 by Gemini658 on diet Sugar Busters
23 Jan 11 by gdsbt on diet Sugar Busters
11 Jan 11 by crybarb on diet Sugar Busters
23 Nov 10 by Airportchick on diet Sugar Busters
23 Oct 10 by Pope Joan on diet Sugar Busters
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14 minutes ago
One of the tools that has helped me the most is being honest with myself...I am still learning...but our food ...
35 minutes ago
Wow how wonderful for you!
about an hour ago
Northernmusician - Oh I do remember those days (living on the Canadian Border)! Don't know what I'd do if I ever ...
about an hour ago
Would not worry about what you overheard. Talking about other people is human nature. We all do it. It is not a ...
an hour ago
Way to go!!! Keep moving forward, you can do it :)
an hour ago
I forgot to say look at your sodium,it maybe too high which will make your body hold onto more water.
an hour ago
I think you may be right Ape Man. I definitely need to change things up and up my calorie count. I have been ...
an hour ago
Thanks 😃😃😃
an hour ago
Put down the cookie and get off the sofa!! Oh and you got this!
an hour ago
I'm so sorry.