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13 Dec 11 by A_Little_Bit_Fluffy on diet Sugar Busters, losing 5.3 lb a week Down
07 Dec 11 by mocha0301 on diet Sugar Busters
24 Oct 11 by esh on diet Sugar Busters
24 Oct 11 by esh on diet Sugar Busters, steady weight Steady
17 Sep 11 by MarjorieP on diet Sugar Busters
07 Aug 11 by alice6107 on diet Sugar Busters, steady weight Steady
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2 minutes ago
And gut flora, we are just now learning so much about the uber essential role of gut flora, so many answers lie ...
7 minutes ago
Thanks Go Sox, out here in the country we take the good with the bad, gonna miss my sweet boy and I just realized ...
9 minutes ago
My heart breaks for you Deb.... our pets are our babies. In fact, I think I loved my old black lab more than I ...
11 minutes ago
I'm so sorry to hear that. Our fur kids are family, and when one leaves us it's just hard. {{{hugs}}}
12 minutes ago
Thank you everybody for your support and ideas, honestly I don't have my own doctor here to ask (just go to Gy ...
14 minutes ago
Looks good Jimmie!!
17 minutes ago
We had a car in London, 8 years, under 40,000 miles....we usually just took the bus.
27 minutes ago
That reminds me of a song by Lyle Lovette. The Record Lady. "She was five foot one and three quarters, but she ...