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11 Nov 13 by bcarfizz on diet Sugar Busters, losing 1.3 lb a week Down
20 Mar 13 by nana-B on diet Sugar Busters
13 Feb 13 by policemom on diet Sugar Busters
12 Dec 12 by A_Little_Bit_Fluffy on diet Sugar Busters, gaining 1.2 lb a week Up
19 Nov 12 by techpainter on diet Sugar Busters
13 Jul 12 by Darina Z on diet Sugar Busters
29 May 12 by A_Little_Bit_Fluffy on diet Sugar Busters, steady weight Steady
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a minute ago
Yeah, it must be cold in SC this time of year. Now tell me how to detach the lid off my garbage can. It's frozen ...
a minute ago
Thank you! I will not let things get to me, this may be slow but hopefully steady ...
3 minutes ago
Hey Red, thnx for sharing!! To echo all the great posts aren't going to lose your weight loss mojo, ...
9 minutes ago
Wow that is great :)
9 minutes ago
@Rockiesfan...playin with fire @Rockies....but you know that already ;-)
14 minutes ago
stay away from sweet flavored vape juice... they can affect the kidneys... found that out the hard and terrifying ...
16 minutes ago
2700 calories/day and still losing would be great. Hope it works out that way. If so I wanna be you. There's ...
16 minutes ago
Replacing one addiction with another is never a good idea. Approach your weight loss from a different angle. Food ...
22 minutes ago
I haven't done it but based on what it appears to be, you may already have mastered control over portion control ...