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24 Feb 14 by RJDN on diet Sugar Busters
04 Feb 14 by TanaDee on diet Sugar Busters
11 Nov 13 by bcarfizz on diet Sugar Busters, losing 1.3 lb a week Down
20 Mar 13 by nana-B on diet Sugar Busters
10 Mar 13 by RJDN on diet Sugar Busters, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
13 Feb 13 by policemom on diet Sugar Busters
19 Nov 12 by techpainter on diet Sugar Busters
13 Jul 12 by Darina Z on diet Sugar Busters
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Recent Comments

a minute ago
Great first month loss....and you realize what needs to be done. And you are so right, one day, one pound, one ...
a minute ago
we all slip...remember, this is for you and you deserve good health!! chin up!!
3 minutes ago
Yum. Sweet potatoes turn out great cooked in the oven like that, I've found that if you let them sit a few mi ...
5 minutes ago
Ha! Love it!!
6 minutes ago
Hang in there. We all have those not so glorious moments..... just proves you are human.
9 minutes ago
YAY!! Success!!
11 minutes ago
Gwen - It was a splurge for me, but since I am trying to get DH to eat healthier, I couldn't very well cook them ...
20 minutes ago
Take a loss in any form Victoria. Two pounds down, is two pounds down; & down is good!!! Way to hang tough with ...
21 minutes ago
im so proud of you!.... glad we are doing this together, makes it so much easier! love you Jul <3
36 minutes ago
Congratulations Julie.Its wonderful when we notice positive changes in our bodies and abilities.My chronic back ...