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24 Mar 15 by ArtemisH on diet Sugar Busters, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
30 Apr 14 by Happysize10 on diet Sugar Busters
03 Apr 14 by rosemarie23 on diet Sugar Busters
02 Apr 14 by rosemarie23 on diet Sugar Busters
01 Apr 14 by rosemarie23 on diet Sugar Busters
12 Mar 14 by RJDN on diet Sugar Busters
05 Mar 14 by RJDN on diet Sugar Busters, losing 2.9 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Wow...Edgewood is not that far up the road from me...I'm closer to Overlea/White Marsh area...what do you do for ...
3 minutes ago
LOL, I bet you get more than one PM asking about that. In fact, send it to me, please! :)
8 minutes ago
Yeah me too, you get back with me after you find out what is going on and when you have some down time to message.
12 minutes ago
I enjoy spending time off at home, too :) Tomorrow, I hope to learn that his illness is manageable.
20 minutes ago
Take it slow & good luck finding a new friend.
28 minutes ago
I feel ya... I over estimate intake and under estimate output.
38 minutes ago
OH MY!! What a busy schedule!! You must have a huge house to handle 25 people for the weekend!! I can't imagine ...
about an hour ago
Soonsoon, I like what you said, bc its sooo true of her. She hasn't changed any of her bad habits, like eating ...
an hour ago
Unfortunately, I don't have a smart phone so apps are out the question until I get a phone. Thanks for the ideas ...
an hour ago
I'm not as concerned with BMI or body fat %, I'm looking to feel healthy again. I had lost 50lbs a couple yrs ago ...