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08 Dec 13 by BleyLIFE on diet Abs Diet, losing 3.0 lb a week Down
08 Dec 13 by Brownskyngyrl on diet Abs Diet
03 Dec 13 by Spacewalking on diet Abs Diet
01 Dec 13 by BleyLIFE on diet Abs Diet, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
24 Nov 13 by BleyLIFE on diet Abs Diet
18 Nov 13 by galvatron on diet Abs Diet
08 Nov 13 by Elvis Mauri on diet Abs Diet, losing 0.7 lb a week Down
04 Nov 13 by trilok on diet Abs Diet, losing 3.0 lb a week Down
01 Nov 13 by mah1166 on diet Abs Diet, gaining 0.0 lb a week Up
30 Oct 13 by Alawia Ahmed on diet Abs Diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Oh, not to worry, we know you're a red blooded american male.. even know when to back down from the DW. I went ...
4 minutes ago
so glad to hear that you are on the mend! best wishes as you continue to heal!
5 minutes ago
Well NM, I can see it as a really useful tool for someone who is new to healthy eating/exercise and is working ...
6 minutes ago
Thanks Anewannie! You are my role model for persistence. Keep you fingers crossed that I can sustain this pace ...
6 minutes ago
I managed to go for a walk even though my daughter started shinning halfway through. I also was feeling better ...
8 minutes ago
It was yummy I just don't recommend using black and green foods lol. Wholefoodnut I went by Walmart and saw all ...
13 minutes ago
Thanks, Pam, Jim, Isabel, MontanasMom, Jen, and JWS! Yes, lots of sodium in meats, no matter what kind you eat. ...
13 minutes ago
One coat of paint on the railings that are inside. So glad I decided to paint it silver over the old black steel. ...
22 minutes ago
I saw it yesterday. Our health insurance requires us to log information to qualify for the cheapest deductible. ...
25 minutes ago
Sorry to make another comment,, Your sodium was way over the limit, watch the sodium, its suppose to be 1500 m ...