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30 Mar 14 by Jennjigglestoomuch on diet Abs Diet, losing 5.3 lb a week Down
13 Mar 14 by nvilla2222 on diet Abs Diet
05 Mar 14 by mah1166 on diet Abs Diet, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Good for you :-)
a minute ago
JMB and Alphamares - Thanks. I'd never done "symbology" before but I think it is working. Thanks also for the ...
12 minutes ago
Super "word picture" (or quote)...I will remember this one for a LONG TIME...thanks so much for is ...
13 minutes ago
Valeu Roger, vou ler agora ^^
14 minutes ago
Best quote of the year!
16 minutes ago
I like that saying...good stuff.
26 minutes ago
woo hoo
34 minutes ago
Ah thanks guys! I will not leave you all, I think I will be here for awhile:) I have met some very nice people ...
36 minutes ago
Wow thats great, go you! :-D
40 minutes ago
Awesome! Keep it up!