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13 Mar 14 by nvilla2222 on diet Abs Diet
05 Mar 14 by mah1166 on diet Abs Diet, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
04 Mar 14 by nvilla2222 on diet Abs Diet
03 Mar 14 by KaeCie09 on diet Abs Diet, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
23 Feb 14 by kizziel on diet Abs Diet
17 Feb 14 by nvilla2222 on diet Abs Diet, steady weight Steady
17 Feb 14 by jm1111 on diet Abs Diet
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3 minutes ago
Glad the loss is still showing and not just a fluctuation. Herbal tea is good, so many choices. I've had the ...
25 minutes ago
The gym is a good idea! Maybe someone will bring a veggie tray and you can snack on some carrots and celery... ...
27 minutes ago
Way to go!!!
about an hour ago
One of the things I try doing to prepare for days like this. Long workout on the Sat and Sun morning. Helps
an hour ago
Have fun today Glen :-)
an hour ago
Thanks for the encouragement! It's great to be part of a supportive group like this!
an hour ago
Congratulations! So now that you have reach that goal. What is your next one?
2 hours ago
You sure deserve to do that once a week, well done u inspire me, maybe my cheat weeks might come to an end !!!!