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14 Apr 14 by bdhu2001 on diet Abs Diet
12 Apr 14 by tykinzler on diet Abs Diet, gaining 0.6 lb a week Up
08 Apr 14 by cooghusker on diet Abs Diet
30 Mar 14 by kolobkid45 on diet Abs Diet
30 Mar 14 by Jennjigglestoomuch on diet Abs Diet, losing 5.3 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
You are doing amazing on your journey. Keep up the excellent work and kick all present and past regrets out of ...
2 minutes ago
You CAN do it, and you just proved it to yourself. Keep that motivation going.
8 minutes ago
You are a wonderful inspiration. You should be proud of that 11lbs off it's very impressive. Keep it going and ...
15 minutes ago
Omg i cant post dont judge me im new to this. Please help
20 minutes ago
Congratulations love, you've worked so hard! You are almost there, I am very proud of you
31 minutes ago
As I'm sure you know from my own journal entries, I started out in March almost exactly at the same weight as you. ...
34 minutes ago
Thank you Vickie!! Yeah, hanging on to those changes is key. Some days are harder than others. But can totally ...
34 minutes ago
Measure??? I thought you just eyeballed it, closed your eyes and cut away.
37 minutes ago
Great catch. It could indeed be the new medicine. Sometimes I think it even happens with any change of med - ...
43 minutes ago
Thank you Chica