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27 Apr 15 by Nattoofat on diet Abs Diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
21 Apr 15 by nvilla2222 on diet Abs Diet
29 Mar 15 by EODblake on diet Abs Diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
06 Apr 15 by bdhu2001 on diet Abs Diet
24 Mar 15 by SeriousEffort on diet Abs Diet
06 Mar 15 by rolynla17 on diet Abs Diet
18 Feb 15 by GameDr04 on diet Abs Diet, gaining 0.3 lb a week Up
15 Feb 15 by pattytweedle on diet Abs Diet
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14 minutes ago
Wow, a lot of good info there. I need to follow some of this advise.
25 minutes ago
Great news....I am so proud of you and love the fact that it is all working for you again!You still inspire me!
25 minutes ago
NO, thank YOU Gwen. I really appreciate the kind words. Those are things that I struggle with, so I figured others ...
about an hour ago
I've learned a lot over the past year. And now I'm more comfortable going outside my healthy eating because I ...
an hour ago
Plans changed. DD's water broke. Waiting on a baby instead.
an hour ago
(Oh, I'm sorry that I missed that you're in induction - these will likely be too high for that, but your mileage ...
an hour ago
Hi Addie I have had weird things in my house too it can be very scary! I heard the cauliflower pizza is pretty ...
an hour ago
Just take it one day at a time you'll get there.
an hour ago
Thanks STT ...have a great day!