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38 minutes ago
Good on you for staying positive and keeping on working towards your goal. For me, I have just had a weeks ho ...
40 minutes ago
Ohhh - sorry to hear that - hope they can treat you well so you will feel better soon.
by HCB
about an hour ago
you can do it! good luck
an hour ago
I agree with Mirglip. I do not want to hear it. I am a life long atheist. Pretty sure you don't want to hear about ...
an hour ago
Better idea, take your bigoted anti-christian views somewhere else. As I said before, no one is forcing you to ...
an hour ago are on the beam....keep it up!!
an hour ago
And thats half the battle. You must se it before you start it.
an hour ago
Thank you all for all the kind words. Today was tough, but I had my other kids here with me. We talked about ...
an hour ago
Izzy, have something in your home that reminds you everyday where you started. I have my cane hanging on my main ...
2 hours ago
I think you caved in mostly because you didn't do the "min 12 net carbs from foundation vegetables" part. Your ...