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a minute ago
Thank you losinit1655. These comments are so great. And so true! See what happened when I didn't log in!! I need ...
a minute ago
I have put in the time to enter quite a few of the recipes I make regularly--tedious, no doubt! I am sorry to ...
2 minutes ago
Your middle eastern meal sounds delicious!
14 minutes ago
Good time for water, a cup of coffee or tea, a few pieces of fruit, most buffets provide some even if they are ...
27 minutes ago
Sitting around a campfire makes me want a beer and smores!
28 minutes ago
Happy belated Birthday!!
37 minutes ago
Congratulations! I have a hard time saying no to my triggers, but when I do give in I make sure to take it off ...
about an hour ago
Thanks Losinit.Lets stick with it.
an hour ago
It's all about keep going, not looking back. Sometimes all we need is just another kickback start! You can do it ...
an hour ago
I don't do much of sodas but will admit to a little diet ginger ale mixed with fresh iced tea and fruit slices.