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81 to 90 of 100
18 Feb 13 by SinisterBomber on diet NutriSystem, steady weight Steady
01 Feb 13 by TerriJr1989 on diet NutriSystem
27 Jan 13 by sanbear1964 on diet NutriSystem
21 Jan 13 by kathi54nc on diet NutriSystem, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
23 Oct 12 by AkPlowGirl on diet NutriSystem
12 Oct 12 by msdixie on diet NutriSystem, steady weight Steady
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37 minutes ago
ahahahaha I could kick a skinny bitch's ass.. not that I would - my bark is worse than my bite HAHA! But you're ...
43 minutes ago
an hour ago
So many challenges, and you handled it so well. Congrats and welcome home.
2 hours ago
I know! I was so shocked about the egg whites he had to say it twice! I was just sitting there looking, mouth ...
by LuC2