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81 to 90 of 100
06 Feb 15 by DCDesigner on diet NutriSystem
04 Feb 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
26 Jan 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
23 Jan 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
22 Jan 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
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a minute ago
Great job and nice plan. Congrats my buddy!
2 minutes ago
Every one of us has fallen off the wagon at least once....and also have taken laps in our pity pool...and gotten ...
8 minutes ago
glad to hear you're doing well, Warren. blessings.
29 minutes ago
Why not?
35 minutes ago
I'm in Arizona and it doesn't have to get chilly for the fireplaces to start once October rolls around (we're ...
an hour ago
I dropped close to 250 pounds without exercising.
an hour ago
Nice job
an hour ago
Congrats on the weight loss :-) I hope all checks out good at your doc appointment! It's so true about the sticker ...
an hour ago
Congrats! Way to go!
an hour ago
Thanks :) well, I've been doing a lot of crochet for my recent work, yeah, haha. I'll post pictures when I finish ...