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2 minutes ago
I'm right there with you!
3 minutes ago
If I let my little yorkie poo run wild while at the park there will be nothing but exercise for me and my daug ...
3 minutes ago
Amy - you can adjust your RDI down to meet your personal needs. I have mine at 1,400 but try to stay under.
4 minutes ago
Congratulations. The point of the running (at least for me) is not going fast, it is burning calories, building ...
14 minutes ago
thanks, but then I gained 10 of it back and that's what I'm trying to lose lol.
14 minutes ago
Thank you breco and Syndi :-)
33 minutes ago
I'm glad you measured! Congrats on the 34 lbs!
35 minutes ago
Make it a 420 kind of day!
38 minutes ago
Don't you just love it when you know that the cupboard don't bare and that you've got your bases covered? That's ...
43 minutes ago
Congrat's! You sound so happy :) There is a way to lose weight and still have some fun, right? I think the ...