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a minute ago
Congratulations! Awesome!
3 minutes ago
It's all about trial and error! You'll figure it out!
4 minutes ago
It's been awhile since you've journaled. Is everything okay,Buddy?
5 minutes ago
i too appreciate all the support. I know i am hot and cold on here but i always get back on to check on everyone. ...
9 minutes ago
This reminds me of this snack I saw on a blog. It was high fat for keto diets. It was called "Fat bombs" or s ...
12 minutes ago
Nich... you can't eat fruit or is a health issue? Do love my fresh pineapple and looking forward to summer and ...
13 minutes ago
Its the keto diet. Once I get to goal weight I will start eating it again just watch portions. I am trying this ...
19 minutes ago
Hello Ann. Welcome! Which step are you on?
20 minutes ago
Thanks, I like the way you think. 2 days down now, Woo Hoo!
22 minutes ago
Anytime and thank you Socolova :)