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71 to 80 of 100
04 Feb 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
26 Jan 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
23 Jan 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
22 Jan 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
20 Jan 15 by mjTN68 on diet NutriSystem
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a minute ago
Can someone tell me if cheese is considered a processed food it stalls my weight loss.
6 minutes ago
Lol it is! It's what happens too. Little victory dance by the scale :D! <3
6 minutes ago
Great post!
8 minutes ago
perfect photo! Dancing and jumping, thats the way...
11 minutes ago
Thank you both!
17 minutes ago
Doing OK. Very, very cold here. Below zero Fahrenheit, so I will stay in today. I will be glad in a few months ...
23 minutes ago
23 minutes ago
Great job
25 minutes ago
@ Addie -> I have an account on where you can post pictures. When you save the pic on the site, they ...
26 minutes ago
61-year Southern California native now in Northern Illinois, USA for 2 years. Missing L.A.