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5 minutes ago
Try limiting your grains to before 3:00pm
22 minutes ago
One day at a time, if you slip get back on and go again! You can do it!
40 minutes ago
Going to wear one tomorrow and see what happens. I'm afraid it will laugh at me.
an hour ago
Yes I will figure it out and then pass on what I learn.
an hour ago
lol, well, i didn't really catch you, you did add it to your food intake... but im glad i took the rest of the ...
an hour ago
Ann, I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time. I am pulling for you. Hang in there. The only way to ...
an hour ago
I will have to remember that Ann444. I just keep thinking, I hope He doesn't sneeze. :)
an hour ago
Thanks everyone
an hour ago
Thanks! Your comments bring tears to my eyes. You buddies are the BEST!
by DRL5
2 hours ago
Congrats on not gaining! And finding a competent sitter. I'm sure you will meet your goal. Don't forget though, ...