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5 minutes ago
You will :)
6 minutes ago
It will happen .... You are in my thoughts and prayers.
by glen
7 minutes ago
Thanks. Wishing much success!
10 minutes ago
You go girl! I've been paying attention to your words since last June. You keep up the good work. I will be ...
22 minutes ago
Thanks so much, ya'll! I spent most of the day today job hunting and already have 3 interviews tomorrow! Fingers ...
37 minutes ago
Thanks, is working 😁😁😁😁
44 minutes ago
Keep with it. This limited carb diet has to be targeting your stored glucose molecules in your med section. As ...
an hour ago
One of the tools that has helped me the most is being honest with myself...I am still learning...but our food ...
an hour ago
Wow how wonderful for you!
an hour ago
Northernmusician - Oh I do remember those days (living on the Canadian Border)! Don't know what I'd do if I ever ...