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by HCB
3 minutes ago
Okay. Send away.
8 minutes ago
You really are in the wars - worrying about your fur-baby isn't doing your heart any good. Hope both improve ...
15 minutes ago
Sorry about the "AQ" my finger slipped and it posted it. Haaha
23 minutes ago
psst...hey lol I'm so very tired right now. The problem is coffee does not wake me up. It just ...
36 minutes ago
My start date with FS was a Friday but my walking challenge weighs in on Monday. I prefer Sunday or Monday. I ...
about an hour ago
Friday morning is my time too. I agree with LambiePi.
an hour ago
We got 1.22 lbs of filet mignon for just over $7. We had it last night too with potatoes and green beans. It was ...