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22 Jun 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
30 May 15 by Pegasus9 on diet NutriSystem, losing 4.4 lb a week Down
24 May 15 by pattychaney on diet NutriSystem, losing 3.6 lb a week Down
11 May 15 by mjTN68 on diet NutriSystem
04 May 15 by rayrust on diet NutriSystem
21 Apr 15 by DCDesigner on diet NutriSystem
13 Apr 15 by DCDesigner on diet NutriSystem, losing 4.7 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
fat warrior... if you go up about 6 comments I explained how I did it. it seems harder than it is actually. and ...
4 minutes ago
the beautiful thing about low carbing, is no matter what the party there is something you can have that is legal. ...
10 minutes ago
You are a pretty lady .... Blessings to you as you reach for your goal!
by glen
12 minutes ago
WooHoo! lookin' good&happy! I'd like to post some pics, but can't figure it out, time is a constraint too so< I ...
18 minutes ago
Oh I didn't know that. Thank you!
22 minutes ago
That's hot. :)
22 minutes ago
I hope you stay "signed on" even tho you are thoroughly pi$$ed at yourself and your body. Keep on venting and ...
by Rckc
34 minutes ago
Your weight can fluctuate based on a lot of factors. The most common is water. My weight can vary up to 5lbs in ...
41 minutes ago
Oh I get want want people to say "you go doing everything you can, you're ...