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16 Jan 15 by mjTN68 on diet NutriSystem
09 Jan 15 by simmokapu on diet NutriSystem, gaining 0.8 lb a week Up
14 Dec 14 by curley-top on diet NutriSystem, gaining 2.6 lb a week Up
12 Dec 14 by curley-top on diet NutriSystem
11 Dec 14 by JosephNobles on diet NutriSystem, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
I had cherries a couple weeks ago - they have a ton OF CARBS - blackberries, blueberries are better - could you ...
by HCB
12 minutes ago
Hmm.. FS is toying with FS URLS... Going to try and obfiscate the url this time. Link to my journal entry about ...
18 minutes ago
Thanks everyone for your ongoing support, it means so very much!!!!!!
22 minutes ago
Hi back!! Great seeing you here as well and so impressed with your track record.:) Loved your granddaughter's ...
27 minutes ago
Thank you fitfatty. You are right I am doing my best but its just not been easy, but thinking positive you are ...
30 minutes ago
Glad to hear that you have gotten past a lot of things and are making progress. Seems like you have it under c ...
33 minutes ago
You also didn't GAIN and you said yourself - you were having a hard time. A hard time + no gain means that when ...
34 minutes ago
So, I ran the simulator.... if I go down to 951 cal/day, I can reach my goal in 180 days. Which seems semi-d ...
41 minutes ago
Ale Juarez I had to use a Spanish to English translator I got the meaning of the sentence. I know it is hard. ...
an hour ago
:( I'm sorry you've been given this burden of sorrow. May your son rest in peace. And may G-d give you comfort ...