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a minute ago
There is nothing cool about a front butt. (LOL @ front butt, BTW) Way to take charge!
a minute ago
Yes. The back is no joke. And you will keep the drop!
a minute ago
That is honestly one of my motivations as well so you aren't alone. I don't want a front butt either. @_@
a minute ago
One baby step at a time is all it takes.
4 minutes ago
Nice loss...I hope your back feels better soon, I know how that feels.
9 minutes ago
Yes, let's get thin together. No need to cry, we CAN get rid of fat. You just need to exercise and eat healthy ...
11 minutes ago
Your ticker is going to change colors!
17 minutes ago
It really, really its...amazing stuff. Thanks bunches! And you do the same.
29 minutes ago
210!! I'm so looking forward to it. :) I keep inching towards that 200 mark! ;)
32 minutes ago
I too have a Monday blah-fest going on.....we can make it!!