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4 minutes ago
It's slow going for a while. Doing the exercising more for the blood flow and circulation then benefits for tr ...
6 minutes ago
Woohoo! Hoop on!!! I know....processed foods:/ (don't care for rice)
7 minutes ago
This weight loss counter is on some of the challenges, but it's just the members who joined that challenge. I have ...
34 minutes ago
People died in a school shooting in Marysville WA school today and we had a lockdown today too. We had a shooting ...
an hour ago
With all that walking you have been doing I can see why!
an hour ago
Thank you.
an hour ago
2 hours ago
Interesting posts, thank you for sharing. I unplug any kitchen appliance I am not using. I had read an article ...
3 hours ago
I was wondering about Ed too.
3 hours ago
ckworksalot; I'm not mad at ya; when I was in the Army, many years ago, one of the NCO's in my platoon was married ...