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20 Jan 15 by bonnie101c on diet NutriSystem
19 Jan 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
16 Jan 15 by mjTN68 on diet NutriSystem
09 Jan 15 by simmokapu on diet NutriSystem, gaining 0.8 lb a week Up
14 Dec 14 by curley-top on diet NutriSystem, gaining 2.6 lb a week Up
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2 minutes ago
Lol. I told people on here I was eating 900 a day and I got in trouble LOL
4 minutes ago
I am on a 800 calorie goal. I can lose .5 pound a day when I watch my sodium. Sodium is just as important and ...
13 minutes ago
That is neat!
by HCB
about an hour ago
an hour ago
Too funny..
an hour ago
Shoveling snow and scraping ice off windshields burns calories. Offer to do your neighbors' walkways and driv ...
2 hours ago
Oh yeah. I got everything nasty in applesauce then frozen into pops. We called them booger pops which made then ...
2 hours ago
My Husband quit via an e-cig. He was over a pack a day smoker who had tried everything in the past and always ...
3 hours ago
oh OK that's one less thing to worry about ;)
3 hours ago
Thanks that might be the little boost I needed.