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30 Jan 16 by knittymama on diet NutriSystem, losing 3.7 lb a week Down
26 Jan 16 by Puffiegirl on diet NutriSystem, losing 1.5 lb a week Down
13 Jan 16 by slsmitty on diet NutriSystem, losing 5.4 lb a week Down
12 Jan 16 by Puffiegirl on diet NutriSystem, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
07 Jan 16 by Houcarmm on diet NutriSystem, gaining 0.9 lb a week Up
07 Jan 16 by DCDesigner on diet NutriSystem, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
05 Jan 16 by Houcarmm on diet NutriSystem
04 Jan 16 by Houcarmm on diet NutriSystem
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a minute ago
It really helps to track everything you eat here on FS. That way you know EXACTLY what your nutrition is.
4 minutes ago
Thanks Jimmie, I like your style. Teaching is an amazingly, tough profession, not many are cut out for it. I have ...
4 minutes ago
Thanks, David
7 minutes ago
There are steak and shakes in Florida....none in Arizona though. I didn't go there very often when I lived in ...
12 minutes ago
I will keep the link, very useful. Thank you sir :-)
12 minutes ago
It's been raining for days, & I haven't been able to get exercise outside.
15 minutes ago
I splurge every once in a while, the last time I went at it, EVERY Sunday was pizza, wings and pop...and A LOT ...
25 minutes ago
Thanks warrenwinter.
31 minutes ago you think its ok that i have got hooked on cottage cheese and goat cheese? for some reason, i am ...
33 minutes ago
Money =Money You have to save it to have it!