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a minute ago
Nice job! Be proud of yourself! :)
2 minutes ago
Nice work! It's not easy figuring out what to eat when eating out is it?
4 minutes ago
Congrats on the loss - keep up the good work!
10 minutes ago
Congrats, Gigi, keep up the good work! :-)
12 minutes ago
JGBOOGADES, I try to hit 56 grams, which is the recommended intake for someone like me.
21 minutes ago
That's an awesome accomplishment LadyBea40. You should be very proud. Dennis
24 minutes ago
Yay Bea!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
27 minutes ago
Keep up the good work!
about an hour ago
My link got truncated... just read any of the subsections under the nutrition section.
about an hour ago
Good luck with the recovery process. I hope your partner gets a lot of relief. I know you will take the best care!