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26 Jan 15 by pattychaney on diet NutriSystem
26 Jan 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
23 Jan 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
22 Jan 15 by dok on diet NutriSystem
20 Jan 15 by mjTN68 on diet NutriSystem
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a minute ago
Nichol, did you order them from Kansas City? I posted one about a month ago. I love their custom blends. I'll be ...
6 minutes ago
Thank you One Dev I will try Forskolin. My Mother unfortunately is in the last stage of Alzheimers. There is no ...
13 minutes ago
Have a cheat day. I got stuck in the same 0.5 for around 2 weeks. Have a cheat or a peice of chocolate! (:
21 minutes ago
I try to always have an ice tea and cocktail napkin in my hands so I can't do a grab on the way by the food tr ...
27 minutes ago
5 million! No, I'm just going to keep doing 10000 a day, for the next 3 weeks till we go away for a few days. Even ...
29 minutes ago
I've read it's REALLY good. I tried making it once, but I didn't blend it well enough so it was kind of weird... ...
35 minutes ago
You can do it! I bet that you are feeling amazing. Congratulations.
41 minutes ago
43 minutes ago
Nice job Rome!!!!
45 minutes ago
Das ist gute!!!