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30 Apr 16 by Hermiones Mom on diet The GI diet
29 Apr 16 by Hermiones Mom on diet The GI diet
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7 minutes ago
HAH! I hated that damn PT also! That damn battalion commander and his 5 mile run every Wednesday! Hated it in my ...
8 minutes ago
Giggles, you look faulous 😊
10 minutes ago
That is a beautiful sunset picture!
20 minutes ago
You look fantastic!!! Also, I LOVE your nails
25 minutes ago
I'm glad you are both doing better. Just keep the faith because that is what will pull you both through this. ...
29 minutes ago
thank you for your responses!!!!!
32 minutes ago
is that with or without windchill?
33 minutes ago
Thanks for checking in, Bruce.
36 minutes ago
what all goes in don't always all come out. a carb is a carb reguardless if it natural or not. same with cal ...