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17 May 16 by Hermiones Mom on diet The GI diet, gaining 0.7 lb a week Up
09 May 16 by jjw on diet The GI diet, losing 5.5 lb a week Down
02 May 16 by Hermiones Mom on diet The GI diet, losing 0.7 lb a week Down
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16 minutes ago
praying for you!
22 minutes ago
Char, it's never just a small piece with me. I am such an all or nothing person. When i had that craving i ...
38 minutes ago
My plan::: I can eat anything I choose to. Mostly healthy and even out at as 1400 calories over a week. When ...
41 minutes ago
This just got my attention. When I am on diet mode and want to eat something naughty and just HAVE TO HAVE IT I ...
about an hour ago
Get lots of rest and enough fluids
about an hour ago
My step-daughter posted this on facebook. Her mama has the same metabolism/body type. ...
an hour ago
an hour ago
Soooo, I had my mouth all ready for my drunken steak AND....mother in law called and invited us to dinner. She's ...
by Rckc
an hour ago
That is some real weight loss, are you doing it on your own or did you have the new sleeve surgery
an hour ago
I did used to model back when I was thin...