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02 Mar 16 by msinai on diet The GI diet
28 Feb 16 by msinai on diet The GI diet
27 Feb 16 by msinai on diet The GI diet
17 Feb 16 by TheFlowerLady on diet The GI diet, losing 2.0 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Yay!! Good job. :)
a minute ago
3 minutes ago
will have to see about getting both.
6 minutes ago
@ Drag list, so I can consider as rest day the HIIT or the Walking? Thank you sir, no need there for answer. Every ...
10 minutes ago
Good for you! It's rather freeing isn't it?
13 minutes ago
Nice drop Frosty, hope things get easier again for you this year...take care mate, have a great weekend!!
14 minutes ago
That's a great solution to the birthday cake problem. The kids got something special and... no leftovers. Kids ...
32 minutes ago
My daughter told me I looked cute today and she doesn't hand out compliments very often if at all. It made me feel ...
35 minutes ago
nice weigh in, and even better....... Love!
43 minutes ago
Cheese is the glue that holds my life together