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a minute ago
@Draglist I don't know. They didn't go thru the results with me, I'm just interpreting myself but it says "% fat ...
by Rckc
2 minutes ago
Sometimes it helps to think of it this way Sarah: "Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys!" But seriously, hun, hang in ...
8 minutes ago
Thanks for your ideas and support. My daughter + SIL are taking some positive steps to resolve the issue. T ...
10 minutes ago
Werdnahs, I was making an inside joke, most people probably didn't get it. Nice work on cutting the sugars and ...
22 minutes ago
I am the same way. Say that I have one piece of dark chocolate and I want more. The next you know I ate the whole ...
29 minutes ago
I'm personally not a fan of dressing. A tip for ordering it without dressing is to ask for it "on the side"; for ...
38 minutes ago
Maybe it'll come off faster than you think. Hope you're feeling better.