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8 minutes ago
Yes! Fat stays with us longer than anything else in my opinion. Clementines are good - but really boil down to ...
by HCB
16 minutes ago
I understand but more sympathy than disgust. I've gotten to where I feel so badly about my responses to people ...
27 minutes ago
Excellent analogy @Cynth
40 minutes ago
Thank you for all your info!
41 minutes ago
Dish was fabulous....very tasty with a kick to it! Hubby had two servings.
an hour ago
I suffer with fibromyalgia and everything is a massive struggle 99.9% of the time anyway.. But I'm so determined ...
an hour ago
Low Carb/High Fat can be custom tailored to your individual way of eating, that's what makes it a powerful weight ...
an hour ago
Bread does seem to be a killer in the diet world, doesn't it?
an hour ago
have you seen the earpiercing thing that's suppose to help migraines
an hour ago
I am kp...I truly am. That is/was one of my mother's favorite songs. Was missing and thinking of her when I wrote ...