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7 minutes ago
Best case scenario for me would be one floppy ear. I'd love that. I can't help loving her already though. She's ...
7 minutes ago
Oh Glen, its so fun to hear your happiness.
12 minutes ago
I know what you mean, Glen. Grandchildren are wonderful. I can't wait to see mine again. I want to be able to ...
15 minutes ago
24 minutes ago
Dayum, nice one.
26 minutes ago
That's my trick too, Nikihampton...just to stay out of the grocery aisles and shop the perimeter where the fresh ...
by LuC2
28 minutes ago
woot woot girl. happy dance
31 minutes ago
Thanks everyone! I'm super stoked! They just called me and, CPR training is scheduled for Thursday morning, and ...
44 minutes ago
Now, time to take care of yourself and try to chill out a little.
about an hour ago
That is beautiful, Glen. I hope you enjoy every minute with that precious baby. What a great way to remember ...