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21 Apr 16 by Hermiones Mom on diet The GI diet
21 Apr 16 by msinai on diet The GI diet
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19 minutes ago
This is my 2nd marriage and the longest of my three LTR's. I'll never do it again, happy with this one, but if ...
21 minutes ago
My condolences. So sorry for your lost.
35 minutes ago
36 minutes ago
OK, as long as you're not alone. I've got to walk Rusty. Bye!
38 minutes ago
Thanks for sharing. It's on my watch list for the morning.
about an hour ago
Woo-hoo! Road trip! Break out of the normal day and into something fresh and exciting! <3
about an hour ago
Here's a thought for you: If you knew somebody hated you, would you ever expect them to do something for you? ...
an hour ago
Happy for you Rhontique! Great job :-)
an hour ago
It isn't a Disney movie out there, April.
an hour ago
Hey Ches. You're awesome. Did you notice how the green stripe almost matches my t-shirt? Total coincidence.