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31 May 16 by Hermiones Mom on diet The GI diet, losing 2.8 lb a week Down
25 May 16 by Hermiones Mom on diet The GI diet, losing 1.4 lb a week Down
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10 minutes ago
Great job there, Emmy! I think either, you would be fine.
14 minutes ago
It seems that I am being mr opposite - or know it all etc. or asshole... But we make our own proteins, each and ...
29 minutes ago
Thank you Oliver. I had learned many life lessons from my son passing away. Sometimes I see him in myself. Like ...
33 minutes ago
LOL Emmy, the Florida weather where I live in Tampa Bay, You can definitly sweat off some weight in the heat and ...
34 minutes ago
I will gladly give you my portion of that casserole. It really was good, just not for me.
40 minutes ago
Pierre got me a trike (my balance not so hot due to MS). It has an electric motor so when I get to a hill and ...
about an hour ago
Its amazing how weight loss affects so many parts of our bodies. the scale is not budging for me, but I do feel ...
about an hour ago