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17 Jul 15 by Herbie on diet The South Beach Diet, steady weight Steady
06 Jul 15 by Teddy on diet The South Beach Diet, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
06 Jul 15 by barbiedoll922 on diet The South Beach Diet, steady weight Steady
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a minute ago
lol Youth is wasted on the young, is it not?
3 minutes ago
A good day!
by HCB
4 minutes ago
FivetwoCowboy, do you think I am some special breed because I lift things and put them down? What if instead of ...
4 minutes ago
AMAZING AVATAR! You are both so sweet! Happy anniversary Misty. Have a beautiful day night :-)
6 minutes ago
Yes guys my goal weight is healthy for my height 110 for 5'7" isn't bad... And this is a picture of me now... ...
9 minutes ago
KTMM has good advice. It's too late now to beat yourself up over the ice cream you had, so just accept that you ...
13 minutes ago
You had me at Hot Sauce...
26 minutes ago
In case I miss it: Happy birthday my friend. Have a perfectly wonderful time on Friday. Glad husband is doing ...
35 minutes ago
It sounds like you've got it under control. Planning is always Good.
41 minutes ago
New to the site. Wish FS had a way to block Gym Bros (borrowing that KTMM). Their existence is not necessary to ...