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30 Apr 14 by Proudpatriot on diet The South Beach Diet, losing 0.8 lb a week Down
29 Apr 14 by slahj on diet The South Beach Diet
28 Apr 14 by bficker on diet The South Beach Diet, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
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3 minutes ago
You will knock that gain off in no time! Not like you had a few days of chips :)
10 minutes ago
The 3 games were good, the girls played really well. They won one, lost one, overtime on the third and lost by ...
an hour ago
that top photo clip is beautiful! TY!
an hour ago
I just moved too and everythings a bit crazy but hopefully getting back on track now. Good luck!
an hour ago
Lizz sez quit grousing. :-)
an hour ago
Way to go! You are doing great.
an hour ago
"Where's the beef." hahaha
2 hours ago
Good luck with your 30 day challenge, you can do it! :-)
2 hours ago
Thanks, Sweet2th. Yduj, I AM a believer. Only two days on track and I'm feeling better already. I was a believer ...