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30 Apr 14 by Proudpatriot on diet The South Beach Diet, losing 0.8 lb a week Down
29 Apr 14 by slahj on diet The South Beach Diet
28 Apr 14 by bficker on diet The South Beach Diet, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
28 Apr 14 by slahj on diet The South Beach Diet, gaining 2.8 lb a week Up
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3 minutes ago
Work out is not going to happen tonight. Typically use Monday as a rest day but have been doing treadmill anyway ...
4 minutes ago
wholefoodnut, I have a DVD called "10 Minute Solution: Pilates on the Ball." I don't know whether it's the same ...
17 minutes ago
to each and every one your words of Love & encouragement are awesome <3 I'm very grateful for yous <3 Love to each ...
20 minutes ago
Np..plateaus happen as your body readjusts to the new you. Keep on trucking, and you will get there.
20 minutes ago
sounds like a serious workout! what are you measuring your calories / steps with?
24 minutes ago
Keep it going. I hope to do the same on my upcoming vacation.
about an hour ago
And thanks everyone for the suggestions and support -- it's so helpful to have this community and also to be able ...
an hour ago
You can do it! :D
an hour ago
A long way to go
an hour ago
i am not too happy with my performances, in 2 weeks i lost only 1.8 kg.( 4 lbs.)i am consuming approximately 1400 ...