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11 Apr 14 by Sharon Caulkins on diet The South Beach Diet, steady weight Steady
11 Apr 14 by ZivaDavid11 on diet The South Beach Diet, steady weight Steady
09 Apr 14 by knockingonforty on diet The South Beach Diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
That's what's special about some family members - they can wind you up in a way that others can't and you cannot ...
12 minutes ago
Thank you Njashka and Euheide!
31 minutes ago
We can partner up, Riyankee. I do feel like I've made great strides in just 30 days, and I can truly say it has ...
by LuC2
38 minutes ago
hey Jenn... What do you do to see that you are in ketosis?
44 minutes ago
I envy your life balance! Congratulations,
about an hour ago
You are so cute!
an hour ago
my brother has the same problem. but as everybody else here said only he can help himself
an hour ago
Good idea with the snacks! I always have an apple in my bag. Funny you mention pizza and chocolate that's exactly ...
an hour ago
I play that game. Not a fun game.
2 hours ago
I detest exercise too, no matter what it is, and where I do it.... If anybody else tells me that I "should find ...