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31 Jul 14 by CatHerder2 on diet The South Beach Diet, gaining 3.1 lb a week Up
29 Jul 14 by iyc26 on diet The South Beach Diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
28 Jul 14 by iyc26 on diet The South Beach Diet
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15 minutes ago
Yes, this is what I'm realizing. I get into this really crappy "tired" feeling sometimes. But with my research, ...
21 minutes ago
wholefoodnut, that's definitely the direction I want to go. One benefit of keeping a food diary is that it's made ...
32 minutes ago
Ok, I think maybe the only thing worse than not having ice cream would be not having lattes, cappuccinos, macc ...
38 minutes ago
Too funny!
39 minutes ago
Great results, Snezica!
44 minutes ago
about an hour ago
In addition to what everyone else is saying, you should try workout DVD's or online workouts that focus on wei ...
about an hour ago
Thanks guys!! I agree snezica, I think I'm going to stick to 1800 for a while. My BMR to maintain this weight is ...