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07 Mar 15 by dheimer on diet The South Beach Diet, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
07 Mar 15 by Herbie on diet The South Beach Diet, losing 2.0 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Good chart....but sometimes I just want a piece of chocolate, but I have now learned to love really dark choco ...
3 minutes ago
Happy Birthday!
23 minutes ago
It is amazing ...the power of a group, the power of common experience, and common sense, of collective wisdom and ...
27 minutes ago
Wildly waving hand in the air. My kid is 35.
28 minutes ago
I know!!! I hate when this happens. Hang in there, it will all even out.
43 minutes ago
I felt the same as you before again and again but always tried to get back in the game. I have succeeded again ...
about an hour ago
Well this is the second time to write this, my computer went manic for a minute. Over all yes this much weight ...
an hour ago
Hang in there Gene, it will get better.
an hour ago
Finishing is pretty cool .... Sorry to hear that you have a sick family member. Illness messes up everyone's ...
by glen
an hour ago
I'm starving... can definitely tell that I've only had a couple of apples today.