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30 Sep 15 by sterbache on diet Atkins
30 Sep 15 by OutlanderFan on diet Atkins, losing 3.9 lb a week Down
30 Sep 15 by bbosch30 on diet Atkins
29 Sep 15 by lisnich on diet Atkins, gaining 1.0 lb a week Up
29 Sep 15 by alphamares on diet Atkins, gaining 1.0 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
What a great opportunity!!! Kudos to you for accepting!
14 minutes ago
I've been told that even a 10% reduction in lbs. can make a huge difference in your health and how you feel. Do ...
14 minutes ago
Thanks every one for your comments! ShellyDawn, thank you so much for sharing your story! Very touching!
21 minutes ago
You show me over and over the will to do something no matter what it is isn't as hard as I have made it. Just ...
25 minutes ago
Years ago, in high school, there was an awesome young girl, I think her name was Sandy; who had the courage to ...
39 minutes ago
Im going to make myself be totally open to whatever eating program is given to me. Thats hard for me but counting ...
40 minutes ago
Sorry you're struggling, but don't give up and undo the excellent progress you've made! If you find low-carb hard ...
an hour ago
I agree with you, sometimes I wonder if the nutritional information has been fudged. Especially if I can't get ...
an hour ago
Awesome feeling!!