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26 Jan 15 by Cozwey on diet Atkins
26 Jan 15 by Silverlakian on diet Atkins, gaining 0.7 lb a week Up
26 Jan 15 by Synda101 on diet Atkins
26 Jan 15 by redgirl1974 on diet Atkins, losing 4.2 lb a week Down
26 Jan 15 by Snuffy325 on diet Atkins
26 Jan 15 by Cheleez30 on diet Atkins
26 Jan 15 by PattiUnleashed on diet Atkins, steady weight Steady
26 Jan 15 by jackie1947 on diet Atkins
26 Jan 15 by bbosch30 on diet Atkins
25 Jan 15 by foxymamachick on diet Atkins
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9 minutes ago
Reaching my plateau is such a downer for me and now I have to find away to convince myself that I must just hang ...
33 minutes ago
I am headed to a super bowl party on Sunday. I am preparing my own meal and snacks, but unfortunately I am in ...
41 minutes ago
Sounds pretty normal to me. You lose quickly at first but plateau because your body goes into fasting mode and ...
an hour ago
Thank you, everyone!!
by Diea
an hour ago
I think my main issue with not losing atleast 0.5 lbs a day, like I was, since I was losing so much, I was con ...
an hour ago
I know you are struggling today but it sounds like you have been doing well over the last month. I also know you ...
an hour ago
I looked at yesterday's menu. Thursday. It's actually not bad. Could use a little tweeking, but I've done worse. ...
an hour ago
You like to cook...try my soup 2 servings del monte whole green beans (canned) one can! 1 medium carrots 2 medium ...
an hour ago
Why not do some research for yourself about how your diet plan works? If you are following a low carb high Fat ...
2 hours ago
At less han 600 calories for the day, unless you didn't log something, you are going to feel like crap. No way ...